Welcome to Didi’s Driving School

Become a capable, safe and conscientious driver!

Learn to drive with a driving instructor that offers expert driving instruction & L2 Assessment for L2 license. Learning how to drive in Hobart, Tasmania has never been easier. Didi’s Driving School offers reasonable rates for driving lessons in Hobart and surrounding areas. Includes pick up and drop off, within reason.

Who Can Benefit From Didi’s Driving School?

  • First-time drivers who have received their learner’s permit.
  • Those who are ready to have their L2 license assessment.
  • Tourists who need to learn Australia’s driving rules.

Our prices:

  • 1 hour driving lesson: $65.
  • 10 Lesson package: $640 (pay prior lesson. Expires in 3 months).
  • Car hire for provisional license test: $65.
  • L2 Assessment fee: $67.42 (Government price).

"‘Relaxing’ is not the word most people use to describe learning to drive, especially if they are the co-pilot for a newbie! Reduce the stress levels. Instructor Didi Chen is fully certified, and also spent 20 years teaching meditation and yoga, so she knows how to keep everyone calm and focused! Lessons can be pick-up/drop-off, within reason. So jump in the driver’s seat and get a grip on the road rules, without the white-knuckle grip on the wheel!"

Jing Tian